Al Behar Group


Al Behar Group

Since its establishment in 1996, Al-Behar Group has become a major recognizable force in the raw material supply industry and a sales and marketing hub for various products in the Middle East and Africa. It also provides a competitive alternative for domestic and multinational industries looking for efficient and high-quality supply chain management solutions.

The highly integrated network of Al-Behar Group consisting of multinational affiliates and subsidiaries, and a team of over 100 distinguished employees actively operating from its head offices in Amman, Jordan, as well as its regional and international offices strategically located in the Middle East and Africa; ensures excellent quality, exceptional service, and timely delivery in supply to all industries covered by Al-Behar products.

Al-Behar Group retains a particularly strong, long-term contractual customer base featuring over 200 regional and international customers and has been recognized as a distinctive supplier to various prominent industries and businesses in the Region.

Its proactive services and quality products earned through 20 years of experience earned the Group the ISO excellence accreditation.

Al-Behar Group is committed to raising its efficiency, providing enhanced services, quality products, and materials as well as reliable supply management solutions. Supporting suppliers and satisfactorily serving customers is the core of all Al-Behar’s business dealings and growth aspirations.

As a leading supplier, Al-Behar Group covers a wide range of products and industries some of which include raw materials for the food industry, chemicals used by different manufacturing industries, various types of packaging materials, and engineering solutions.

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